Popular Kid Approved Flavors

Drink Blocks Naturally Flavored Water…is a great tasting drink for Kids and is available in four popular flavors including Apple, Fruit Punch, Orange and now new Grape. With Zero calories, Zero sugar and Great taste, Drink Blocks is an alternative to sugary juice drinks and other beverage options that kids love to drink.


Better For You

Drink Blocks Naturally Flavored Water…is Gluten Free, diabetic friendly, is sweetened with natural Stevia plant extract, and is available in a stain free formula. The Drink Blocks containers are also 100% recyclable HDPE and BPA Free. See the Nutritional drop down menu above for more information.


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Hours of Fun

Drink Blocks is not only a great tasting sugar-free drink. It's also fun built into the bottle! Drink Blocks are connectable and stackable building blocks that will provide hours of fun and fuel for the imagination. Check out some amazing creations.

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