About Drink Blocks
Welcome to one of the most innovative beverage solutions entering the kids' marketplace today. Drink Blocks is a sugar-free zero calorie, zero sugar, naturally flavored water sweetened with Stevia that features a patented 'building block' bottle design and provides kids with education and play value as well as Bilingual learning labels.

While Drink Blocks is a great tasting drink, children can also build just about anything their imagination can dream up, that's why Drink Blocks is called, 'Hydration for the Imagination'. Kids can collect, connect, and stack blocks from all 3 collector series - Numbers, Letters and Words. Drink Blocks features DreamWorks characters, as seen in movies and on TV.

Drink Blocks contains no artificial colors or flavors, is Gluten and PBA Free, and comes in a clear stain-free formula. Our first 4 natural flavors include: Apple, Fruit Punch, Orange, and Grape.

Our Mission is to help change consumer habits by providing moms and parents with 'Better for You' beverage solutions for their families and kids to help with the fight against childhood obesity, while inspiring moments of creativity and imagination in young children!

Drink Blocks was developed by beverage innovator Tom Weiss. As a parent of 6 children, Tom wanted to make the traditional beverage experience about more than just satisfying a child’s thirst or taste for something sweet; he wanted to bring back the fun, joy, and happiness found in one of the simplest things in life. Tom wanted to create it in a way that meets the demands of today’s health conscious consumers who want more value from their purchases. Drink Blocks is now available in retail outlets such as, Safeway, Pavilions, Vons, Tom Thumb, and Randall's.