Drink Blocks is Better for You

Drink Blocks is a Naturally Flavored Water that tastes great. It’s available in four popular kid approved flavors including apple, fruit punch, orange and grape! It's a better alternative for moms and 'Better For You' hydration for kids.


Hydration for the Imagination

Drink Blocks is natural hydration that your kids will love to drink in a fun connectable, stackable, and collectible bottle that will give them hours of enjoyment and learning.


A Better Alternative to Sugar-Filled Drinks

Drink Blocks is naturally flavored water sweetened with Stevia plant extract. 

Drinks Blocks is Diabetic Friendly

Because it contains zero sugar and zero calories, Drink Blocks is a diabetic friendly drink for kids of all ages. It’s also Gluten Free.


Non-Staining Clear Formula

Drink Blocks contains no artificial colors. Its non-staining clear formula makes it perfect for little hands that tend to spill now and then. It won’t stain furniture or carpeting. It’s the perfect drink for traveling because if it’s spilled it won’t damage your vehicle’s upholstery. Just wipe it up.

Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

Drink Blocks is sweetened with Stevia plant extract, which makes it a naturally better alternative for your kids.  Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener.